ASAHPERD Research Council Poster Session Guidelines


1.    At both the ASAHPERD Fall Conference and the ASAHPERD Spring Conference, research poster sessions are provided that are devoted to research abstracts. The deadline for the submission of fall abstracts is October 1 of each year, and the deadline for submission of spring abstracts is March 1 of each year. The submission of research abstracts is open to future professionals (undergraduate and graduate students), faculty members, and other professionals working in the field.  

2.   Abstracts must be submitted electronically to the ASAHPERD Executive Director, [email protected]. Abstracts will be reviewed, and notification of acceptance will occur within two weeks. If accepted for the poster session, the date and time of the session will be sent to the first author of the abstract once the final program for the convention has been established.

Submission Criteria

1.    The first author must attend the ASAHPERD meeting, be a member of ASAHPERD and have paid the appropriate registration fees.

2.    The first author MUST be present during the entire session to answer questions or discuss the findings.

3.    Each person is only permitted to be first author on one abstract.

4.    All future professionals’ abstract submissions must be sponsored by a faculty member. The faculty member’s name and e-mail address must be clearly indicated on the submission form.

 Abstract Format Instructions

1.    All research MUST be completed. The results and discussion may not indicate that results will be discussed during the time of the presentation.

2.    All abstracts should include a Purpose, Methods, Results, and Conclusion. These should be included in the abstract (in bold type) to delineate sections of the abstract.

3.    The title of the article should be limited to 15 words.

4.    All authors should be listed in order of work or effort placed in the study and the institutional affiliation of the authors should immediately follow the listing of authors.

5.    All abstracts MUST be submitted using Microsoft Word.

6.    All abstracts must be written in English.

7.    Abstracts not meeting the above format instructions may not be accepted.

Complete the attached form and replace the sample abstract with your abstract.  View and download as a word document