August 30, 2018

 Dear ASAHPERD Members:

In response to the recent media coverage of Nancy Ray’s email regarding inappropriate games, activities and practices for quality physical education programs, please consider the following:

ASAHPERD supports the intent of Ms. Ray’s email sent to principals, curriculum coordinators and physical education teachers and the listing of activities considered to be inappropriate. Most of the activities fit into one or more of the following categories: does not meet any course of study standard, does not support student safety, and/or focuses on only a few players being active in the game/activity. Some of the activities can be modified to allow maximum participation, add safety features, and be played to meet a Course of Study standard. A well-prepared physical educator understands the difference.

As you know, physical education is not the same as recess, school sports teams or community athletics programs. Recess is intended for free play where children move at their pleasure in activities they choose. Children in after school athletics and/or community athletics programs are those children with the skills and motivation to be involved. Not all students in physical education classes have the skills and/or motivation to participate in highly competitive games/activities. Thus, it is up to the physical education teacher to plan activities in which all students can learn and achieve some level of success.

Above all else, ASAHPERD supports and encourages what is best for all students in physical education classes. Activities that use students as targets, make children feel inferior, and provide a platform for bullying have no place in an educational environment.

Please take a moment to review the following documents below that support and explain quality physical education. Your students deserve it.


Donna J. Hester, Executive Director


Documents to support quality physical education and instruction:

Alabama Course of Study: Physical Education
Appropriate Instructional Practices
How to Demonstrate my Effectiveness
Teaching Large Class Sizes
Fact Sheet on Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity
Using Physical Activity as Punishment
Dodgeball Position Statement

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Each year ASAHPERD also produces one biannual journal, two newsletters and two conference flyers for their membership.  ASAHPERD offers recognition for outstanding professionals (teachers of the year, health educators, recreation professionals, dance educators, coaches of the year), outstanding students & major’s clubs, outstanding administrators, outstanding lay leaders & service leaders, and outstanding ethnic minority leaders.

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Important Advocacy Updates: 

The bipartisan Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) includes a flexible block grant program under Title IV, Part A "Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants." This block grant program authorizes activities in three broad areas including providing students with a well-rounded education*, supporting safe and healthy students, and supporting the effective use of technology. Alabama's plan specifies funds may be used for "Implementing programs that support a healthy, active lifestyle (nutritional and physical education)."

Title IV, Part A was funded at $1.1 billion for the 2018-2019 school year; Alabama's estimated share is $16,544,000 giving school districts access to significant funding to support these program areas, which include health education and physical education!

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