The ASAHPERD Connection

a monthly web series focusing on key issues within the fields of physical education, health education, sport & exercise science, higher education, research, future professionals, athletics, physical activity. 

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Day/Time Hosted by:
June 14th, 2021 9:30am
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Physical Education Division
Guest speaker:
Emily Sanderson
"Caring for Yourself After a Pandemic"

July 22nd, 2021 6:00pm

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Advocacy Team
Guest Speaker:
Jada Shaffer
"ASAHPERD Advocacy 101: How can I advocate for
my school, my workplace and my students?
Spotlighting the “Good Things” that are happening!"

August 26th, 2021 4:30pm

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Health Education
Guest Speakers: 
Adrienne Coleman and Abimbola Famurewa
"Mental Health First Aid: Developing a Plan for Ourselves and Our Students"

Why teen Mental Health First Aid?

September 2021

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Sport & Exercise Science
Guest Speaker: Dr. Courteney Benjamin

"Optimizing Performance and Safety During Exercise in Heat through Training and Hydration Strategies"

October 20, 2021

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Adapted Physical Education
Guest Speakers: 

Jonathan Thompson (Alabama State Department of Education), Alex Martinez (NCHPAD), Penny Edwards (NCHPAD), Michelle Grenier (NCPEID), Lauren Lieberman (University of Brockport)

"Universal Design for Learning in Physical Education"

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