Fundraising opportunities:

We are excited to announce ASAHPERD is now in partnership with 3 school-based fundraisers that are designed to benefit your students, your school and ASAHPERD. Each of these three fundraisers provides a different experience for your school and students. 


  • health.moves.minds is the new educational program and fundraiser from SHAPE America. It supports you and your program by providing 50% of all monies raised in the form of a GOPHER gift card. The 15% received by ASAHPERD will be returned to you - the teacher - in the form of reduced membership fees, etc. NEW! Teachers who hold a fundraiser during 2019-2020 school year can join ASAHPERD for $10 ($40 value) for 2020-2021 school year!
  • The 'Game On! Program' is a more traditional fundraiser in partnership with Community Philanthropic Ventures (CPV) with 40% of monies raised returned to your school in cash. ASAHPERD will receive 10%. A portion of the funds is returned to the school in the form of prizes and student incentives.

  • Y-Ties, in partnership with EFS Fundraisers, is a sales program in which your school keeps 1/2 of all monies raised; ASAHPERD received $100 from EFS for each school that participates.

If you have any questions about any of these fundraisers, please contact Donna Hester for more information.


ASAHPERD 2019-2020 Fundraising Partnerships
Program School % ASAHPERD % Description Options

SHAPE America

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Platform: Online only

Target Audience:

Event: Fundraising event is up to the school

*50% of funds raised in the form of Gopher gift card
*Discounted ASAHPERD membership ($10) for one

coordinator per school ($40 value)


Focus: Health. Moves. Minds. is a school-based program with both educational and fundraising components. It will focus on core areas related to health and wellness and will include new standards-based classroom and event resources for teachers.
K-8 target audience: grade bands K-2, topic Kindness;
grade bands 3-5 topic Mindfulness, grade band 6-8 topic
Educational Materials: toolbox with many resources for
teachers, 3 educational kits, one per band including 4 full
lessons, physical activity-based activities k-2 & 3-5, assessment sheets, worksheet templates, skills mini-posters, other supplemental materials, accommodations& modifications, ideas for equitable groups.

Event: Fundraising event up to the school.

School can donate a portion of funds to a community or
national non-profit. Can spend the gift card on any
equipment from GOPHER, 
MovingMinds, SPARK, Play with a Purpose and STEM Supplies or GOPHER

Y ties
EPS Fundraiser

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Platform: At the school

Target Audience: 

Event: No event

50% of sales in the form of a check $100 per school

Focus: to provide funds for the physical education program. Schools receive 250 pairs of Y-ties or more, depending on what they ordered. Each pair costs $5, the school keeps half. At the end of the program, the school sends remaining Y-ties back if they have any and they send a check to Y-ties.


Not applicable

Game On!
Community Philanthropic Ventures

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Platform: Online, full access to fundraising dashboard in real-time for the school

Target Audience:

Event: Opening assembly. Ending event can be run like a Field Day, Community Night, or Weekend event, whatever the school wishes to do.

40% of funds raised, check 10%

Focus: Inspired by American Ninja Warrior, fun and fitness-focused. High energy kickoff at a school assembly, they send someone to run this. Wellness posters for the school.


Incentives: Students receive incentives as well as other items that will be shipped in bulk to the school. If the school raises $30,000 or more they keep the entire Ninja Warrior kit.

School Packets for funds raised: Bronze package $2,500-$9,999, Silver package $10,000-$19,999, Golf package $29,000-$29,999, Platinum package $30,000 and up all delivered to the school.


School can keep the entire 40% or donate to a community/national nonprofit